2005 m. rugsėjo 25 d., sekmadienis

Anthony Zimmer

Anthony Zimmer. Neelitiškas paprastutis filmas, kurį ruošiuosi dabar žiūrėti. Nieko ypatingo, tiesiog skanus malonus reginys. Su žavia Sofi Marso, gražiais vaizdais ir pan. 

Who is Anthony Zimmer? The new film of screenwriter Jérôme Salle, who makes 
his directorial debut on this picture, is named after a man that we will not see for 
most (if any) of this mystery’s fast-paced 90 minutes. The mystery of ‘Anthony 
Zimmer’ is just that: who is he? The police, led by a stern-looking Akkerman (Sami 
Frey), know that he is one of the world’s biggest money launderers but they would 
not know him from Adam if he stood in front of them. Zimmer almost continuously 
undergoes aesthetic surgery and often has his vocal cords operated on to 
change his voice. Akkerman has one lead: Chiara Manzoni (a positively sexy 
Sophie Marceau) the beautiful woman who is Zimmer’s weak spot and whom, the 
police suspect, he will try to contact again sooner or later.

Recently divorced translator François Taillandier (Yvan Attal) knows absolutely 
nothing about either Zimmer or Chiara, but he gets caught up in both their worlds 
when Zimmer notifies his object of obsession to ‘pick any man at random and 
pretend to be with him’ in order to distract the police. Chiara picks François and 
soon, not only the police suspect that Taillandier is Zimmer, but the innocent man 
also finds some shady associates of Zimmer’s on his tail. The nerdy translator of 
humble means, who thought he was ‘just being picked up by a rich woman’, will 
soon have to deal with being chased as if he were the world’s most wanted man.

For a first-time director, Salle sure knows how to build up tension and keep this 
tension simmering beneath the surface even in the necessary slower scenes. 
During a soft-spoken candle-lit dinner in a restaurant at the Côte d’Azur, 
Taillandier confesses to Chiara that he thinks they might be followed by “that man 
over there”. She looks in the direction pointed out by her companion, but the 
camera stays fixed on the couple. Who is the man they are talking about? Why 
can we not see him? She tells him: “You read too many crime novels,” and he is 
comforted at least until the next morning, when he will discover two gunmen in his 
hotel room.

From the get-go, ‘Anthony Zimmer’ literally crackles and flies by. What is 
admirable in the whole set-up of the film is that it relies very strongly on the
actor’s performances, the mise en scène and the tight script rather than on 
numerous explosions, elaborately staged fights and special effects. ‘Anthony 
Zimmer’ has more in common with a Hitchcockian mystery rather than James 
Bond action-film.

The cinematography by Denis Rouden and the production design by Laurent 
Piron is both lush and carefully studied to give the film a sense of richness of 
locale (the South of France) and of the luxury enjoyed by Chiara and Zimmer 
(whose villa figures prominently in the last act of the film). Marceau clearly 
relishes the opportunity to show a more dangerous and sexy side of herself whilst 
Attal delivers a much more focused performance here than in his own ‘Ils se 
marièrent et eurent beaucoup d'enfants’. If there would be anything to complain 
about (apart from the rather silly ending), it would be that Salle makes the film fly 
by so fast it almost seems as if you just watched an extended trailer.


 Režisūrinis scenaristo debiutas? Nagi, linkiu malonaus žiūrėjimo. Jau Sofi Marso tikrai nenuvils. 

Nagi, nagi....  Taigi sakau, kad neelitiškas reginys, niekuo nevertingas. Tik malonus žiūrėjimas. Tokius daiktus visai nebūtina vertint- debiutas, nedebiutas. Produktas vienkartiniam naudojimui, ir tiek. Skanus. 
Baigiau žiūrėt tą Zimerį (rusiškam vertime vadinasi "Nesugaunamasis"). Labai patiko, žinotum. 
Filmas neturi jokių šansų didelei sėkmei. Kritikams ir festivaliams visiškai netinkamas, nes žanras ne tas, o ir net pagal žanrą- neišlaiko jokios kritikos. Scenarijus primityvus be galo, galėtum pasakyt, kad parodija, jeigu nesimatytų, kad mėginama visa tai pateikt rimtu veidu. Žodžiu, kritikų požiūriu- absoliutus šlamštas. 
Būt populiarus, surinkt daug pinigų toks filmas irgi negali, nes šlamšto mėgėjams jis per lėtas, per nuobodus, jame nepakanka veiksmo, intrigos, šaudymų, sekso ir pan. Irgi be šansų. 
Patinka ir suteikia daug malonumo tik tokiems primityvams, kuriuos žavi gražūs kadrai, labai tinkamai padaryta muzika, puikūs profesionalai aktoriai, kurie netgi tokį šlamštą sugeba padaryti įdomiu, patraukliu.
Nežinau, ar tinka šitas filmas žiūrėti moteriškėms. Nes Sofi Marso, mano supratimu, čia yra labai žavi. (Nors paprastai mane labiau traukia lėliškos blondinės, bet į ją labai malonu žiūrėti). Tai gali erzint. Bet gal joms tai atpirktų irgi pakankamai žavus vyrukas, vaidinantis pagrindinį herojų. Arba Danielius Olbrzychskis šlykštaus ruso KGB-isto rolėje. 

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